Finishing Line Press Announces Release of At the Rim of the Horizon

Finishing Line Press announces the publication of At the Rim of the Horizon, a chapbook of original poems by Ruby R. Wilson of Brookings, S.D. The collection features a cover design and photograph by the author and will be published in March of 2014.

wilson_ruby_cov“I live on a small acreage near Brookings where the closest neighbors are the deer and other wildlife that come for visits. I’m also fortunate to live far enough away from town to enjoy skies that are dark enough at night to indulge my passion for amateur astronomy,” says Wilson. A keen observer of landscape and her community, Wilson’s simple, lyrical language brings to life everyday moments and encounters.

Author Linda Hasselstrom says,Ruby Wilson writes of making poems in her kitchen: ‘with potato water/ honey, yeast and flour.’ She stirs, kneads and shares the delicious results with her readers, enough for all, with a few tasty leftovers for breakfast. Follow her; stroll to the rim of the horizon as she thoughtfully explores, in darkness and in light. The moon winks as she savors the treasures of her world and ours: sideoats grama and bluestem, sons with gelled hair, water’s canvas, nighthawks. With her words you learn which way the wind blows.“

“In At the Rim of the Horizon, Ruby R. Wilson pays attention,” says poet Christine Stewart-Nuñez. “She zeros in on remnants of the South Dakota prairie—its grasses and transcendent skies—to cull ordinary, beautiful moments for poems. And just when she’s gotten readers comfortable in her kitchen or garden, she catapults us into the Milky Way. In the naming of Regulus, finches, wild mustard, and windmills, Wilson sharpens our gaze.”

“I have always been interested in writing since high school,” says Wilson, “but really started writing seriously about 20 years later, after I attended my first mentored writing experience at Linda Hasselstrom’s Windbreak House Writing Retreats.” Ruby R. Wilson’s work has appeared in publications such as New Letters from the University of Missouri at Kansas City, Peril and Promise: Essays on community and Beyond edited by Charles L. Woodard and published by the South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum, P3 (Painters, Poets, & Pavilion) Invitational Exhibit at the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science in Sioux Falls, Crazy Woman Creek and Woven on the Wind published by Houghton Mifflin, and Arts Alive from the South Dakota Arts Council. Her first published book of poetry was Campus Sketches, a collection of poetic and photographic images of South Dakota State University that also included Wilson’s full-color photographs.

Finishing Line Press is a poetry publisher based in Georgetown, Kentucky. In addition to the Chapbook Series, it publishes the New Women’s Voices Series and sponsors the Finishing Line Press Open Chapbook Competition. Other South Dakota authors that have been published by Finishing Line Press are Mary O’Connor, Christine Stewart- Nuñez, Norma C. Wilson, and David Allan Evans, South Dakota Poet Laureate.

At the Rim of the Horizon can be ordered now and will be printed and shipped in March. The retail price of the 29-page, soft-cover chapbook is $14 plus postage. A copy can be reserved by contacting Finishing Line Press, P.O. Box 1626, Georgetown, KY or through their website at

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