Advance Sales End on January 10

Front CoverThe pre-publication sales period for my first chapbook of poetry, At the Rim of the Horizon, will end on January 10, so if you are considering a purchase please order by that date. It’s hard to believe the new year is coming up so quickly! Finishing Line Press encourages you to reserve your copy early since they require a minimum and base the size of the print run on the number of orders received during the advance sales period.

I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to share what I’ve written. Although English and literature have always been my favorite subjects, I’ve never taken a creative writing class partly because I would have a very hard time writing on demand. I try to find quiet time each day to observe and write about my world: family, gardening, native plants, the night sky. I’ve learned that sometimes when I’m troubled about something, writing helps me to look at the situation in new ways. My poetry comes from ordinary events in my day that take on a special meaning:


by Ruby R. Wilson

The snow is perfect for snowballs
too sticky for skiing
down into the draw
where the gayfeather spikes
lean south
thistle wears snowy sleeping caps
sideoats grama dangles seed jewels
inches above the snow
fleabane is tipped by cotton balls
among fluffy white bouquets of goldenrod
and the lower branches of the cedar
shake off the snow
— no, that’s the dog —
while a snowmobile
growls in the distance.

A blizzard hit during the holidays in 2009, shutting down the Interstates and holiday travel. When the snow and wind quit, I put on my skis and made my own tracks in the fresh snow. This poem grew out of that experience and is one of twenty-three poems included in the chapbook, which also features one of my photographs on the cover. Creating a chapbook was a great opportunity to combine two of my favorite activities, writing and photography. The first book I published, Campus Sketches, also combines my poems and photographs featuring images of the South Dakota State University campus.

Finishing Line Press is a poetry publisher based in Georgetown, Kentucky. In addition to the Chapbook Series, it publishes the New Women’s Voices Series and sponsors the Finishing Line Press Open Chapbook Competition. Other South Dakota authors that have been published by Finishing Line Press are Mary O’Connor, Christine Stewart- Nuñez, Norma C. Wilson, and David Allan Evans, South Dakota Poet Laureate.

At the Rim of the Horizon can be ordered now and will be printed and shipped in March. The retail price of the 29-page, soft-cover chapbook is $14 plus $2.49 postage. Use this link to reserve an advance copy online with a credit card:, or send your name, address, and payment to Finishing Line Press, P.O. Box 1626, Georgetown, KY.

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