Summer Update

What a busy spring and summer this has been – so busy that I have neglected to let you know that At the Rim of the Horizon is now available for purchase on If you live in the Brookings area and would like to buy a copy locally, they are available from the South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum and South Dakota Art Museum on the South Dakota State University campus. You may also contact me to get a copy.

Many of you were unable to attend the Agricultural Heritage Museum reading on April 29th because you may not live in the Brookings area, or were prevented by scheduling conflicts. I prepared a slide presentation for the reading in which I paired pictures that I’ve taken to go along with some of the poems that are in the book. This is an excerpt from the slide show that accompanied the poems that I read that night: (You will need MS Powerpoint or an equivalent in order to view the slides).

At the Rim Slide Show

If this link doesn’t work for you, I also posted the slide show in a different file format on my Facebook page (

I hope to schedule more readings soon and will be sure to post updates as that process moves along. Stay tuned!


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