Poetry of Presence: An Anthology of Mindfulness Poems (2017)

Co-edited by Phyllis Cole-Dai and Ruby R. Wilson, Poetry of Presence is a collection of over 150 mindfulness poems, mostly by recent or contemporary poets.

An inspiring read for lovers of beautiful, accessible poetry, it’s also a valuable resource for literature teachers, spiritual directors, meditators, interfaith clergy, mindfulness trainers, hospice and grief workers, and medical personnel. Forthcoming from Grayson Books. (21.95)

“The poems in this book, arranged gently and creatively, are an invitation to mindful presence and to a world where words and phrases initiate us, wake us up, and guide us home.”

Kelly Boys, Host of The Year of Mindfulness and mindfulness consultant to the United Nations Foundation.

Maybe the Moon is Falling (2015)

Published in Four Quarters to a Section, this collection is one of four winners of the 2014 South Dakota State Poetry Society chapbook  competition. These poems struggle with the inevitable changes and challenges of life, yet find joy and meaning in the landscape and cycles of life on the South Dakota prairie. Available for purchase on the SDSPS website. ($15)


The simplicity of language and expression in these poems belies more complex thought roiling beneath, describing generations of a family working in the wild landscape of the Upper Midwest…

Heidi Czerwiec contest judge

At the Rim of the Horizon (2014)

A chapbook of original poetry. From the natural beauty of the Great Plains to the challenges of family relationships, these accessible and sensory poems delve beneath the surface to explore the wonder and mystery of the everyday moments in our lives. Available for purchase at Finishing Line Press or Amazon. ($14)


Ruby Wilson writes of making poems in her kitchen: “with potato water/honey, yeast and flour.” She stirs, kneads and shares the delicious results with her readers, enough for all, with a few tasty leftovers for breakfast. Follow her: stroll to the rim of the horizon as she thoughtfully explores, in darkness and in light.

Linda Hasselstrom, author of Wheel of the Year: A Writer’s Workbook, Dirt Songs: A Plains Duet, and others.

Campus Sketches (2012)

This delightful collection alternates original poems with photographs composed by the author to portray a typical university campus. The vivid imagery captured throughout the seasons of the year make this a timeless and refreshing take on campus life. Click here to purchase. ($14)

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